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  1. ReiKolla

    ReiKolla Gilly Hicks


    I am sorry but I don't speak German. I am from Belgium and I would like to know if the store in Neuss is open?

    If yes, can you tell me the price for a shirt? Is it the same as in England and USA or not?

    Goodbye :)
  2. mavst

    mavst est. 2004

    It´s open, but not really worth a visit ...

    Men Prices as described on the (german) webpage:
    Shirt (Plaid): € 46 - 52
    Shirt (classic): € 52 - 64
    Polo: € 32
    Hoodie: € 84
    Tees: € 24
    Swimwear: € 42

    Women Prices:
    Shirt (Plaid): € 52
    Shirt (classic): € 36 - 52

    by the way... the shop in Oberhausen, quite "close" (30~40km) to Neuss, is bigger and therefore has a bigger amount of (different) articles...
  3. ReiKolla

    ReiKolla Gilly Hicks

    OK thank you very much .

    What is the link for this german page, please?
    Is the shop in Cologne open?
  4. Wolfi

    Wolfi MøЀ®@†ø® Mitarbeiter


    without any proxy germans got the €-prices. dunno if you can open the de-page.

    yes, the shop in cologne is open.
  5. mavst

    mavst est. 2004

    The webpage switches automatically, based on the location, where you live. So the german page is also based on the following address:

    Maybe it switches to something different in Belgium, showing €-prices as well...

    The following stores are open:

    Centro Oberhausen
    Centroallee 142/143
    Oberhausen, DE 46047
    49 208 8109580

    Breslauer Strasse 2-4
    Neuss, DE 41460

    Unit 0.42
    Ludwigshafen, DE 67061

    Elbe Einkaufszentrum
    Osdorfer Landstrasse 131
    Hamburg, DE 22609

    106 Zeil
    Frankfurt, DE 60313

    Rhein Center
    Aachener Strasse 1253
    Cologne, DE 50858
  6. ReiKolla

    ReiKolla Gilly Hicks

    Unfortunately I can't see the price in €. But apparently the price in Germany are less expensive that in France.

    Thank you so much for your help. I will probably go to Cologne or Oberhausen.

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