skinny Vs super skinny jeans: what's the difference?

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  1. It4ly

    It4ly Gilly Hicks

    hi folks! :)

    I'd like to know the actual difference between skinny and super skinny men jeans, because on the website the details of them are the same. :confused:

    thanks in advance for your answers! ;)
  2. It4ly

    It4ly Gilly Hicks

  3. Soeren796

    Soeren796 Hin zur Sonne


    Both are close-Fitting but the Super skinny Is the whole leg closer :)

    Best Regards
  4. It4ly

    It4ly Gilly Hicks

    thanks Soeren! ;)

    but is ankle the same?
  5. Soeren796

    Soeren796 Hin zur Sonne

    No, again The Super skinny Is much closer. I'm only wearing Super skinny Jeans (size 30*32), Here Is a picture:

  6. It4ly

    It4ly Gilly Hicks

    thank you vey much, Soeren, you're very kind! :)

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